Spring 2017 Update

As we get through the final months of what really has been a fairly mild winter and head into another spring hunting season, the impact of what can only be described as the collapse of several of MWTHA’s chapters in northern Michigan, and two very hard winters in a...

Fall 2016 Update

After what was undoubtedly the mildest winter since “the winter that never happened” of 2011/2012, and in- credible relief after the killer winters of the last two years, those of us who took after gobblers this past spring en- joyed and almost normal, weather-wise,...
Spring 2016 Update

Spring 2016 Update

Everyone needs to do their part to keep what’s left of the wild turkey resource in northern lower Michigan going. If you see wild turkeys out there this winter, find out who’s feeding them and offer to help by buying a bag or two of corn or donating a few dollars.

Fall 2015 Update

To all MWTHA members and interested friends:

Time sure flies these days. It seems like the spring turkey season just ended, but we’re already looking at fall and another fall turkey season here in Area J.

No one’s quite sure why we are once again having a fall turkey season here. With no organized feeding programs in this area any more, two horribly cold winters, and several late, cold springs, which along with a long list of predators has had a devastating effect on the last two nesting

Spring 2015 Update

As this is written, it is once again the dead of winter in northern Michigan, and although December was very mild, it’s been very cold since then, with more than a foot of snow on the ground in many areas, which makes it pretty tough for our wild turkey flocks.

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