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Inflammation of the mucosa, which occurs inside the stomach, is called gastritis. There are several types of this disease, which differ due to appearance, stage and acuity. Depending on the root cause of the disease prescribed drugs for gastritis. Avoiding the erosive stage will help only competent therapy.

When antimicrobial tablets are prescribed for gastritis.

As a rule, the set of factors (external and internal) becomes the provoking factor of the development of the disease. The main group includes:

alcohol abuse;
regular reception of poor-quality food;
medicines of some groups;
pathogenic bacteria.
Antibiotics for gastritis are prescribed in the case,
if the cause of the disease was the bacteria Helicobacter Pilory (Helicobacter Pilory). Penetrates the pathogenic organism into humans along with poor-quality food. The only effective method for their elimination is tablets with stomach gastritis. It should be noted that antibiotics are not a panacea for all ailments,
take them carefully and only as a treatment (rather than prevention). All other types of gastritis, which are not caused by bacteria, do not imply therapy with antibiotic medication.

An unreasonable, uncoordinated intake of medications can lead to a deterioration of the human condition,
provoke the transition of gastritis to acute form. Prescribe antibiotic therapy can only the gastroenterologist, relying on the results of tests, studies with confirmation of the presence in the body Helicobacter pylori, self-medication is not permissible.

Is it true that the main causative agent of gastritis is the Helicobacter pylori microbe?

The fact is that 7 of 10 people suffer from GI diseases (gastrointestinal tract) in varying degrees of severity. Many live and suffer for years, leading not a full life and depriving themselves of pleasure and do not even suspect that the cause of all their ailments are small bacteria – salmonella, shigella, staphylococcus and Helicobacter pilari.
Developing with catastrophic speed, they secrete chemical compounds, allocating waste and toxins that suppress our organism in return.

These bacteria are able to live and multiply not only in the intestine, penetrating deeply into its walls, the larvae are spread throughout the body through the blood stream, reaching the heart, liver and even the brain.

Symptoms of the disease in adults.

Intestinal infection is a group of diseases, their main symptoms are an increase in body temperature, intoxication of the body, and disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

Intestinal infection is manifested by a number of symptoms


An intoxication symptom is a headache, a body aches, weakness, continuous dizziness.
A person’s body temperature rises.
Gastritic – pain in the stomach, a person is sick, after drinking or eating, tears.
Enteritis – there is almost no nausea, but a frequent and liquid stool.
Colitis is manifested by pains in the lower abdomen, a person wants to go to the toilet, a chair with mucus and blood.
Each of the diseases has its own combination of symptoms. It happens,
what can be understood in the chair about what a person is sick. If a person falls ill with salmonella, the chair is watery, quickened, greenish. When the disease is escherichiosis – a chair is orange-yellow and liquid.

With cholera and halophilezy – a liquid watery stool with flakes of mucus. With dysentery, a stool with blood and mucus secretions. If a person falls ill with rotavirus infection, then he has: a brownish frothy, watery stool with an unpleasant odor.

The earlier in adults the symptoms of poisoning begin to occur from the time of taking infected food, the more severe the course of the disease will be.

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