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To use the lowest effective dose for the shortest necessary period of time.
There is an increased risk of infection with the combination of prednisolone with other drugs that affect your immune system. In addition, when the taking prednisone with NSAIDs (e.g. ibuprofen or naproxen), the risk of stomach ulcers may be increased.
The initial dosage of tablets may still vary from 5 mg to 60 mg of prednisone per day depending on the particular patient being treated. In less severe cases dose reduction is usually sufficient, although some patients may require higher initial doses.

If after a reasonable period of time there is no satisfactory clinical response has yet to be discontinued and the patient will undergo another appropriate therapy. It should be borne in mind that constant monitoring in relation to the dosage of the drug is necessary.
Some potential side effects include mild bruising, osteoporosis (or weak bones), diabetes, hypertension, weight gain, cataracts, glaucoma and bone disease called avascular necrosis.
Be sure to review all your medications with your doctor at each visit.
In situations that may require adjustments to dosage changes in clinical condition, secondary to remissions and exacerbations of the disease, the individual response of the patient to patient, and the effects of stress on the patient, not directly related to the disease in the treatment process; in this latter situation, you may need to increase the dose for a certain period of time in accordance with the condition of the patient. Side effects. Most of the side effects associated with the prescribed dose and duration of treatment, so the goal is. Although the prednisolone rarely has direct interactions with other drugs,

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