Two heads are better than one as Michigan Wild Turkey Hunters Association and Michigan Conservation Foundation have joined forces to protect Michigan’s Natural Resources thanks to MWTHA. You have offered us a joint membership (no money exchanged) in which to pool resources of knowledge and ideas, to say nothing of car pooling with many long days to and from Lansing and else where. 

MCF’S Board of Trustees is comprised of people with extensive backgrounds in wildlife management and the professional world. 

• Ray Schofield, Certified Wildlife Biologist, 40 years with the MDNR, plus 6 years as a Wildlife Consultant. 
• Bill Irvine, Certified Wildlife Biologist, 36 years with the Ohio DNR and U.S. Forest Service,  plus 9 years as a Wildlife Consultant. 
• Three Trustees (Retired) from the business world, Bob Jacobson, Earnie Marenich and Ned Stuits. 
• From the gentler side (but no less forceful) we have three female Trustees, Henrietta Bricker,  Sheila Jacobson and Connie Marenich from different careers. 

MCF follows the guidelines set forth by Carl T. Johnson its founder in 1982, which the Carl T. Johnson Center in Cadillac is named after. Carl served as Chairman and Commissioner of the Natural Resource Commission for 17 years.

So it is with that MCF looks forward to sharing CLOUT in Lansing and elsewhere with MWTHA to keep Michigan’s Natural Resources (public lands) compatible with all recreational uses and placing wildlife first in that order or else future generations of Man and Wildlife will be deprived of their rightful inheritance.

Contact us:

Michigan Conservation Foundation
84 Mid-Forest Lodge
Prudenville, Mi. 48651
email: mfljake [at]

Membership is $10 for 1 year.

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