March 2009 – Issue 28

Don’t eat the wild turkeys

The headlines from an Associated Press 9/7/04 article read “Dioxin Taints State Game Along The Tittabawassee River.” Upon reading the article it was learned that the state had issued a health advisory warning not to consume deer, Wild Turkey or squirrel harvested in or near at least 22 miles of the flood plain below Midland due to Dioxin poisoning from Dow Chemical. Fish consumption advisories had already been issued for the Tittabawassee River, Saginaw River and Saginaw Bay. This was the first time that an

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Pere Marquette Chapter – Spring 2009 Update

This is being written on January 27th. It has been a very brutal winter on wildlife. Snow arrived in the north country during November and has just continued to pile up. The Cadillac News just reported that we have received 13.5 feet of snow thus far. The December snowfall was double the normal amount. There have been a continuation of sub zero nights and single digit days.

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Kenowa Beards and Spurs Chapter – Spring 2009 Update

Well here we are in the middle of another Michigan winter wishing it was spring so we could be out scouting that big Gobbler instead of shoveling snow. For me it will be a great spring, since I am now feeling better due to rehab and hopefully I’ll be ready to hit the hunting and fishing hard this spring season, for all the rest of you, good luck and have fun chasing big Tom. Once again we will hold a Kenowa chapter meeting on

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The “why” of conservation easements

The “Why” of a Conservation Easement is as varied as the “Why” of why we own land. It was given to us. We inherited it. We bought it. We bought it as an investment. We bought it for a place to hunt. It was close to our favorite fishing spot. We bought it for snowmobiling, skiing, mushroom picking, walking. We bought it as a getaway. We bought it to add to the farm. We want to see wildlife. We needed a place to cut

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