March 2010 – Issue 28


A brief article appeared in the early October issue of The North Woods Call that saluted the Huron National Forest for the pending creation of 800 acres of fire breaks. In the process openings would be created that are beneficial to wildlife. The following article was sent to the editor of the Call and appeared in the November 18, 2009 issue under the Mail Pouch column:

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Pere Marquette Chapter – Spring 2010 Update

The December 16 Cadillac News obituaries section reported the passing of two of our members. Lou Helder of Wellston died on December 8. Lou was a dedicated conservationist who never hesitated to speak out. Not only was he a great supporter but he strongly believed in our organization’s mission and actions.

Merlin Sellers died on December 15. He and his wife Carol could always be counted on to attend the Rendezvous with both money and assistance to insure the event ran smoothly.

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Turkey talk and other stuff

Many years ago, I think it was in Field and Stream magazine, there was a chart depicting all of the game birds in flight, arranged according to speed. Guess who was leading the pack? A big old turkey gobbler! It seems incredible to me that a bird of twenty plus pounds can go that fast! They don’t lumber into the air like you might expect, far from it. The first beat of powerful wings, aided by a thrust from their legs, puts them twenty feet in the air.

It’s been reported that turkeys make sixty some different sounds. The well-known ones are yelps, cuts, whines, putts, cackles, purrs and gobbles.

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Michigan United Conservation Clubs Update (MUCC)

In previous issues of Turkey Tracks we explained why the Michigan Wild Turkey Hunters Association had to terminate our membership with the United Conservation Clubs (MUCC). They had changed their dues structure thus creating an impossible situation for many statewide conservation organizations.

Eventually they came up with a compromise. A statewide organization could affiliate for annual dues of $250 and have 2 votes at convention.

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