March 2012 – Issue 32

Turkey Tails: Did You Ever


Did you ever hunt Ghost Turkeys? After 40 years of hunting I’ve had a few. One day while hunting early I gave a tree call, heard a gobble off aways, later some fly downs, more gobbles, but then the fog set in. That’s it for the gobbles. When you ca n’t see 20 feet in front of you what to do? Just set and wait when you don’t hear any turkeys. After an hour looking through the fog, is that a turkey or what? The bird just fades away to end my hunt for the day.

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Traverse Bay Chapter Notes – March 2012


The lack of winter this year certainly is something to remember. The mild winter has also had another benefit-there’s been no drain on the Traverse Bay Chapter’s treasury this winter for very, very expensive shelled corn ($270 a ton!!), and we now have a chance to recover at least some of our bank balance that has fallen dangerously close to zero.

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March 2012 Update

It certainly has been a winter to remember this year! Or rather, a non-winter, with very little or no extreme cold and deep snow at all! In fact, up here in Antrim County, the snow belt of the northern Lower Peninsula, we’ve had less than 55 inches of snow since October 1 as of Thursday, February 9!

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