September 2008 – Issue 27

Paradise Lost: The final chapter (we hope)

The demise of the Pigeon River Country State Forest and our efforts to restore it to being one of the most unique forests found on this small planet has been a 3 year effort. 
Until the recent additional purchase 65 percent of the Pigeon was purchased using hunter and angler dollars. It now totals 118,000 acres. Uncontrolled recreation was destroying the wild character of the Pigeon, among them horses, mountain bikes and snowmobiles. The BIG WILD had become the BIG DUDE RANCH.
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Pere Marquette Chapter – Fall 2008 Update

We hope that everyone had a very successful spring gobbler season, whether or not you put turkey nuggets into the freezer. What challenging hunting where the adversary wins most of the time. 
Our 27th Wild Turkey Hunters Rendezvous was once again a resounding success. A personal round of applause goes to all of our members who dedicated the day to make the event so successful. Of course, the event would be nothing without the great turnout and support of the turkey hunters. 
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Let’s Get Organized

There is a contagious disease that is rapidly spreading among our fellow hunters and anglers. It is also running rampant among so called “outdoor enthusiasts”. There is a scientific name for it. It is called Apathy, Ignorance and Self Interest or AISI. The more that one tries to preserve at least a piece of our hunting heritage for our grandchildren and their grandchildren it becomes more apparent how wide spread this disease has become.

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They don’t come easy

There’s nothing quite like a crisp, clear morning in May. The dogwood is starting to bloom, new growth is popping out everywhere, and each dawn is greeted by an avian chorus of orioles, grosbeaks and a myriad of others. Now, if I could just hear a turkey gobble! 
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