September 2009 – Issue 27

Turkey Tails: Did you ever?

Did you ever wonder about Elected Politicians? They get out and glad hand when it’s re-election time. Are they working for the Taxpayer, or free Campaign money? Let’s face it Rep. Sheltrown isn’t working for the Taxpaying Hunters and Fishermen whose License money was used to purchase the Au Sable State Forest, along with an amount from the P.R. Fund.  Rep. Sheltrown sent to the house Bill# 5058 that passed the house on a 73-35 Votes. What are all of these folks drinking in their water? They need to see a doctor.

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Pere Marquette Chapter – Fall 2009 Update

Our 28th Wild Turkey Hunters Rendezvous was once again a great success. A very sincere thank you to our members who were responsible for making it a success, to Greg and Fred Abbas, to all those who attended and to the ladies of the VFW for another great turkey supper.

This past winter we had a record snowfall throughout our 13 county chapter area. The Cadillac area which is the heart recorded 226 inches which is just shy of 19 feet of snowfall. Is there anyone out there who thinks a Wild Turkey can survive

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