September 2011 – Issue 31

A weird hunt

The good news was there had been no turkey hunters in my area. The bad news was there had been no turkeys either! That is for the previous ten days.

My expectations were low when I crawled into my tent blind at 5:30 A.M. on May 2nd. I had a folding chair set up with a boat cushion on it.

In the dark, I couldn’t see that the cushion was soaking wet! My old hunting partner, long deceased, used to say, ” A man’s not worth a damn with a wet ass!” I stuck it out until 9:00, without hearing a single gobble.

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Turkey Tails: Did you ever

Did you ever wonder about the DNR & NRCs scientific management of our Wildlife, etc? When the Deer & Turkey Licenses were established, there were earmarked funds to be put into Game Restoration and Habitat to preserve the Game, i.e., Deer Range improvement Program commonly referred to as D.R.I.P Funds and also Restricted Turkey Funds. They have had the money for Habitat improvements, but where are they?

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Traverse Bay Chapter Notes – September 2011

As the Traverse Bay chapter has done for the past 35 years, members of the chapter did their best to feed populations which appear to be abundant in some areas of Area J, totally depleted in others, in a distribution program that began on January 1 and ended in March, due to lack of funds in our savings account.

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September 2011 Update

Here’s hoping that you barbecued up a spring gobbler for your 4th of July celebration-some of us enjoyed success this spring, and some of us found far less gobbling, far fewer birds, and much tougher hunting. If you found fewer birds this spring, then you know how important it is to get what birds we have in our areas through the winter to come.

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