September 2012 – Issue 33

Traverse Bay Chapter Notes – September 2012

For the first time in the history of the Traverse Bay Chapter of MWTHA, almost no feeding at all was done in Area J last winter, with the exception of a few hundred pounds of corn dolled out in the high snow areas near Boyne Mountain, Gaylord and Mancelona.

And for the first time in many years, the chapter conducted a tree and shrub habitat sale, which was successful in raising a few dollars for the chapter and getting some mast bearing trees into the woods, We will be conducting the sale again this winter, look for information soon on the MWTHA website and Facebook page!

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September 2012 Update

After what was undoubtedly the mildest winter in the history of MWTHA, those of us who took after gobblers this past spring enjoyed an almost normal, albeit a bit warm, spring hunt that reminded us of our early days when northern Michigan had lots of wild turkeys!

With very little winter feeding, for most of us none at all, necessary last winter, our chapters were able to save thousands of dollars in corn funds—a good thing looking at what corn prices will probably be this fall due to the drought in the corn belt.


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