September 2015 – Issue 39

A Michigan DNR Reinvented – Part 2

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the third article by John Gunnall that has appeared in Michigan Turkey Tracks. (CONTINUED…)

At least monthly the Michigan DNR has published a column entitled “Cuffs and Collars” describing its actions taken against persons committing illegal acts in each of ten separate regions making up our state. Regulations being violated by those who have no regrets and take no responsibility for obeying rules have always been the primary justification for having DNR enforcement officers.

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Pere Marquette Chapter Fall 2015 Update

The following includes action taken by both the PM Chapter and MWTHA.

This past winter the Pere Marquette Chapter began our winter survival program on January 12. During the winter we purchased and distributed 15,000 pounds of shelled corn to 2,866 Wild Turkeys distributed over our 13 county area of northern Michigan. The program was concluded on March 21,2015.

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Well Deserved Recognition

Well Deserved Recognition

Robert “Bob” Jacobson of Roscommon and his wife Sheila are long time members of MWTHA. Bob is the president of the Michigan Conservation Foundation. Over many years the two organizations have joined forces to deal with many conservation issues. I know of no other person who is more dedicated to Michigan’s natural resources than Bob.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was written in May 2015 –  Bob passed away on June 14, 2015. He will be missed.

He and Sheila live on a lake in the middle of 18 square miles of private managed forests. If anyone had reason not to care about the public lands and waters of our state it would be them.

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