As I sit here typing this article, I can’t help but think about the turkeys. It is -4 F outside with the wind blowing 22 MPH. We have received several inches of snow. The snow has melted once already this year and has created an almost impenetrable crust for the turkeys. We have supplied more than three tons of corn to feed the turkeys so far this winter. If this weather doesn’t break soon our wildlife will be in dire straits!

On January 25, 2014 our chapter sat at Jay’s Sporting Goods and dispersed 1,850 pounds of corn to people throughout the state in 50 pound bags. People from Alpena County to Ingham County took advantage of this dispersal of corn. I would like to thank Jay’s Sporting Goods for letting us setup there and disperse corn.

Our chapter is also looking into doing some Hunter’s Safety Courses this spring/summer. If you are interested in a Hunter’s Safety Course please contact us.

Another issue concerning hunters at this present time is a petition circulating for “Citizens for Professional Wildlife Management.” The petition is for the Natural Resources Commission’s authority to designate game species using sound science, maintain free hunting and fishing license for active military members, and appropriate $1 million for rapid response measures in the event that invasive Asian carp are confirmed in Michigan’s Great Lakes waters. To request a petition to sign or circulate, please email

Citizens for Professional Wildlife Management needs to collect 258,000 signatures in 180 days. If successful, the law would be presented to the legislature for approval.

Good luck this spring in the woods.

Winter Survival
Time to Manage Our Public for the Benefit of Wildlife