There must be a lot of other members to take up writing articles for the news letters with a new fresh outlook. Next I am doing my last Patch ordering as of 2016, if I can locate the manufacturer whom I can’t seem to find, maybe they are out of business. Also it is hard to come up with new ideas for patches “without the manufacturer”, 2015 will be the last patch I make. There are a lot of folks with ideas and now is their time to take over making and ordering patches that are affordable. Thus at my age and my wife’s health I need to spend more time at home with her therefore at this time I am stopping all work with MWTHA, I don’t plan on working till I die. I have enjoyed it while I was there but “Nothing is Forever”, “ADIOS”.

Turkey hunting is a challenge each one is different but similar in the fact that it’s you and the turkeys, calling and waiting for the bird to come to you and when he comes is he in range or locked up just out of range. This spring I didn’t expect to get a turkey as I knew my hunting would be limited as my wife had hip replacement surgery and I had to help her, etc. I managed to get out 6 times and first one nothing. I didn’t care if I got one or not I just love hunting them. The second time out about 4:00 PM one gobbled so I called and eventually I saw them about 100 yards away, 2 Gobblers and a Jake. But they wouldn’t come my way then I saw why, there were 3 Hens to the side which came my way. Then the Gobblers came to where the Hens were. Coming about 25 yards from me feeding along, how to get a shotgun up with 12 eyes looking at you and tight together so I can’t shoot. I enjoyed watching them anyway. The next 3 times equaled nothing, then Memorial day I went out without Calls ore Dekes just me my license and shotgun, didn’t care if I got one, but I was looking for a nice young Jake. Then about 5:00 I see the same 3 birds come out to feed in the grass and moving my way when they are about 30 yards I get my gun up and wait for them to get clear of each other the Jake had about a 4 inch beard. Holding my gun up which seemed like 3 or 4 minutes I must have moved as the Jake and 1 Gobbler started away this put the other one in the clear. I putted up came his head and bang down went the bird. This was the biggest one, 9 5/8 Beard 1 1/4 Spurs at 21 1/2 pounds so much for a tender bird. At my age I don’t care for any more but I love to hunt.

So Long and Good Hunting!

Ole Sarg


Image courtesy Alan Krakuer

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