Winter Wild Turkey Survival Program

One of MWTHA’s main activities is the Winter Wild Turkey Survival Program. The vast majority of funds we raise through membership dues, raffles, and donations are used to feed Michigan’s wild turkey during the brutal northern winters.

For example, for the winter of 2007-2008, the four northern chapters purchased and distributed over 89,000 pounds of shelled corn to 25,345 Wild Turkeys scattered throughout 33 counties. We don’t call it a feeding program, but rather a Winter Wild Turkey Survival Program.

Each chapter is responsible for its own program. Information on how you can participate in the program is available by contacting the key member from each chapter (visit the Contact Us link at the top of this web page). Corn is only allocated after snow depth reaches a foot or more. All four northern chapters participate, with the exception of the Kenowa Beards and Spurs Chapter as there is usually not enough snowfall that far south. The program normally ends around March 1.

The more it snows, the more we spend on feed. Any donations are greatly appreciated so that our coffers can be refreshed before the next winter.