March 2007 – Issue 24


You have to admire the little wild canines. In spite of being shot, trapped and poisoned, there are more of them than ever.
My first real experience with coyotes came on an archery hunt to Colorado back in the seventies. Packs of coyotes were running deer twenty-four hours a day. Their yipping and howling became so constant that we began to tune them out.
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So you think this is your land II – The tale of two 40’s

In the last issue of Turkey Tracks we reported on the recent Department of Natural Resources decision to dispose of surplus state owned property that “does not meet their mission”. Their bureaucracy has established “project boundaries”. Any property outside of these so called boundaries are fair game to be disposed of. We have objected to their disposal of many parcels.
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The award

I am going to take editorial privilege in writing the following article. One very ruffled feather deserves another. This really doesn’t have to do with Wild Turkeys but it has a lot to do with the natural resources that we leave for following generations.
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Traverse Bay Chapter – Spring 2007 Update

The fall was cooler and wetter than normal, but extreme cold and snow has held off except for a short stint in early December, which helped an excellent, but still late crop of poults in Area J put some fat on those skinny little bones to help them make it through the winter. 
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