September 2011 – Issue 31

“Revitalizing” northern Michigan turkey flocks

During the past decade we have watched as our Wild Turkey numbers have declined over the northern lower peninsula. Each and every year finds fewer and fewer turkeys. Many large areas that used to contain large flocks now have none, even though habitat conditions have not changed. In the resent past we actually counted turkeys during the winter months in partnership with the DNR. The DNR no longer conducts population surveys.

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Wild turkeys and the Motor City Madman

Wild turkeys and the Motor City Madman

Ted Nugent was a rock star now known for his outspoken whack ‘em and stack ‘em approach to killing game birds and animals. Nugent moved from Michigan to Texas in 2003, although he still owns property in Michigan. He has a television program that airs on the Outdoor Channel entitled Spirit Of The Wild. He is described by the news media as “Celebrity Hunter”. But is he a champion of hunting…or a foe?

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Pere Marquette Chapter Notes – September 2011

The Pere Marquette Chapter and the Kenowa Beards and Spurs Chapter represented MWTHA at our booth at the Hunting Time Expo in Grand Rapids on 1/28/11 through 1/30/11 Another successful show for MWTHA.

2/11/11 met with State Senator Darwin Booher to discuss possible legislation that would finally allocate the use of the restricted Turkey Find. (read the September 2010 article entitled Where The Money Isn’t Going).

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Of Wasted Days II

In the September 2010 issue an article was written, entitled Of Wasted Days. It explained the downward spiral of our Wild Turkey flocks throughout the northern lower peninsula. It explained our opposition to opening the fall season three weeks early and our opposition to continuing the fall season in Mecosta, Newaygo and Oceana counties (Area HA).

Our concerns fell on deaf ears within the DNR.

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