September 2008 – Issue 27

AuSable River Chapter – Fall 2008 Update

Our chapter had a reduction of corn distributed this past winter of about one third than normal. We bought corn $1000 at a time and with each purchase, the price rose. This year we hope to have enough funds to pre buy again. This is all dependent on corn price, funds raised and the severity of the coming winter. We don’t start our survival program until December 15 and end passing out vouchers by March 15.
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September 2008 Update

The spring of ’08 was pretty good for most of us, in terms of the spring hunt. I think a fair number of us bagged birds and some great memories to go along with that turkey dinner. But if the winter of 08-09 is anything like last winter, the future of the wild turkey is very, very uncertain.

In northwestern lower Michigan’s Area J, deep snow arrived in November and stayed until mid-April. Except for one short break around Christmas, it was a very long winter. But thanks to the members of MWTHA,

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Another dedicated member passes on

We have lost another dedicated MWTHA member. This past July Gordon “Gordy” Katz of rural Barryton died. He was diagnosed in June with cancer and a month later he died. He has been a long time dedicated member.

Gordy believed very deeply in our winter survival program throughout the 13 county Area K and reached into his pocket for extra cash to help fund it.

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Michigan Conservation Foundation supports MWTHA

Guest Contributor: Bob Jacobson, President MCF

The Michigan Conservation Foundation (MCF) has offered a one year complimentary membership to each member of the MWTHA. Each of our members are now members of the MCF.

MCF is one of the true conservation organizations in Michigan. They have fought many battles for our natural resources that affects each of us. Among their many habitat projects they were responsible for the creation of the extensive wetlands on the east side of the expressway just north of Houghton Lake.

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