See photos from the event here.

The winners of the Wild Turkey calling competition – junior division – are:
1st – Thomas McCullough, 9, Ravenna, MI
2nd – Braden Ramsey, 13, Marley, MI
3rd – Jonathan Cluster, 14, Three Oaks, MI
4th – Faith Tharpe, 12, Baldwin, MI


The winners of the Wild Turkey calling competition – senior division – are:
1st – Vaughn Mayle, Ionia, MI
2nd – Mike Ives, Decatur, MI
3rd – Seth McCullough, Ravenna, MI


Turkey Shoot winner was Steve Ladouceur from Howell MI.


The winners of the statewide raffle are:

1st – Remington 870 Super Magnum 12-Gauge Camo Shotgun
Robert DeRosia of Central Lake, MI

2nd – Mossberg 270 Caliber Bolt-Action Rifle
Steve Snow of Highland, MI

3rd – Meat Slicer
Jeff MacDermaid of Lake Ann, MI

Thanks to everyone for participating! MWTHA is the big winner – you have all supported our efforts to provide feed for our turkeys next winter!

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