EDITORS NOTE: The following article was written by John Gunnell of Rockford and has been recently published in The North Woods Call. The letter was sent to those people listed in the article. It is appearing in Michigan Turkey Tracks with his permission.

Reading about the observing the results of ethical work being done by thousands of Michigan outdoor users outside the DNR is heartening. Unfortunately well intentioned efforts from within today’s department are compromised before the fact due to its tainted reputation of condoning laws and practices that cast suspicion on even rudimentary matters.

Needed are outdoor persons from within the department like yourself, Mr. Creagh, to spearhead and Ethical Renaissance within the Michigan DNR. Needed are leaders who will take your lead to reestablish conservation as a focus and return to ethical laws and decision making standards once the cornerstone of that organization. We deserve leadership that has the integrity to set aside personal egos, political favoritism, reckless resource sales, nepotism, cronyism, etc. to reconfirm the legacy your predecessors earned for their unfettered resolve to protect and conserve nature against all of man’s contrivances.

 The applause for your having the courage to just step back and say no to start with would be deafening and breath new hope into thousands who now observe a massive void of transparent and courage driven actions. Michiganders are fed up with flat-out denial of unfair and unnatural practices that are permitted to continue under your watch. Such practices limit and undermine the DNR’s credibility to be believed. Honest, well informed outdoor persons remember a once proud Michigan Department of Conservation. They are saying no more to your flawed standards. They want you to eliminate your indefensible hypothesis that supports unnatural laws that you and the DNR Commissioners know will never free you to return to credibility.

Each year new regulations are recommended and approved. Sadly, even perfunctory matters never achieve their full potential because they are stigmatized as being authored by the close minded who avoid even considering cleaning their own house. If Governor Snyder desires transparency for education why must he tolerate a DNR at its core that violates the under lying phenomena’s of nature?

Cc: Governor Snyder, Gordon Geyer, Merrill Petoskey, Joan Wolfe, Howard Tanner etc.

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