Chapter membership has dropped somewhat. As with most organizations there is but a handful of members to carry out chapter business. The Wild Turkeys that we have seen in the Roscommon, Grayling and Mio areas appear to be healthy, the results of our winter program. It is still too early to see what the recruitment of poults from the spring hatch was.
MWTHA member Richard Kessel of Roscommon was recently honored by the DNR and the Natural Resources Commission (NRC). He was honored as the Hunter Education Volunteer Instructor of the Year. He is a volunteer instructor for Crawford, Oscoda and Roscommon counties. Besides teaching hunter education to hundreds of our youth, he was responsible for recruiting more that 40 hunter education instructors and has trained more than 400 instructors over the past three years. DNR law enforcement officials said Kesel’s class of 2006 was instrumental in helping disabled students, like Nick Bennett, 17 of St. Helen who is blind. These classes are held at the Mio Moose Lodge in July of each year. Our Congratulations and appreciation goes out to Richard.
As a side note – our chapter has been very active in the hunter education program and the recruitment of youth into the hunting sports.
September 2008 Update