To the right of Robby is current chapter president Tom Garcia. To Robby’s left is immediate past president Randy May.
(Editor’s note – I think that it is great that the chapter honored Robby. He is truly a quiet unassuming conservation giant. During the period that Wild Turkey restoration was in it’s infancy most of the turkeys found in a huge area surrounding Mio were congregated on one farm during a series of severe winters. Robby dug deep into his pockets, bought all of the corn for the 500 plus flock and delivered it thus insuring their survival until spring break up. He later formed this chapter, among the earliest in the state. When we were still with the national organization I nominated him for an annual award. It went to the state chapter president’s wife instead.) 
We held an auction in December 2006 that has allowed us to grant 3 scholarships, fund 3 Christmas families and to add to our hunter safety program. The scholarships are $300 each and eligibility includes that the student must be pursuing a degree at an accredited institute of higher learning. The student must support the preservation of the hunting tradition and actively participate in hunting sports. The student must be involved in extra school activities and must demonstrate community involvement. We select extremely hard up families for our Christmas families and they are given a gift certificate to buy food during that period from a local supermarket. 
As this is being written snow has just arrived in our valley. When conditions exist we will buy and distribute those kernels of corn necessary to insure our Wild Turkey’s survival.
Editor’s note: Turkeys from the Mio flock were trapped and transferred to begin the upper peninsula flocks, sent to Ontario to begin their very first flocks. U.P. birds were later brought to northeastern portion of the lower peninsula to restore that portion. This all was possible because of Robby and his chapter’s volunteer during that time. 
Of public forests and turkeys IX - Appeal of the Huron-Manistee National Forest Plan update
Pere Marquette Chapter - Spring 2007 Update