Pere Marquette Chapter – Fall 2010 Update

The following is intertwined between the PM Chapter and state chapter activities since the March issue of Michigan Turkey

On 1/16/10 attended the National Wild Turkey Federation annual meeting/board of directors meeting at Big Rapids. It was hoped that common ground could be found on turkey management and hunting regulations between our two organizations. It appears that we are still on different paths.

We attended a meeting of MUCC’s conservation coalition on 2/3/10 in Lansing. A number of conservation issues were discussed. At these meetings we find what the issues and thoughts are of other organizations and perhaps find common ground.

Of wasted days

Three years ago the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNRE) deemed that henceforth Wild Turkey hunting regulations would be set for a three year period. This year DNR staff contributed to a list of proposed changes for both the pending fall and spring turkey hunting seasons. We were provided with the lists and invited to make comment. The lists were distributed to several chapters without any comment and asked for their input.

Thirteen proposals were listed with all but one would liberalize the season or the kill. On March 1 MWTHA met with DNR upland bird specialist, Al Stewart and several wildlife biologists at Clare. For a number of years turkey numbers throughout the northern lower peninsula have fallen and continue to do so. Even though this fall season will be held in southern Michigan if there is a fall season anywhere in the northern lower the regulations will be the same.

Making lifetime memories for others

The following article was written by Rod Little. Rod is the many times state champion turkey caller. He has been our guest speaker several times at the Rendezvous. Rod has always volunteered to help us in any way that he can. When Rod related to me his involvement in making dreams come true for severely handicapped turkey hunters, I asked him to tell us of his experiences.

Despite having a full time job and many family obligations he has given freely of his time. Besides, he is just one nice guy.


As an avid turkey hunter for 34 years, I have had my share of highs and lows, like many that have turkey hunted this long. The highs have been winning numerous calling titles, being a part of the Quaker Boy pro staff and meeting and having awesome experiences with so many great people. The lows were not making the cut at The Grand Nationals seven or eight times while representing Michigan. All of us turkey hunters have had days where we couldn’t do anything right and days where we couldn’t do anything wrong. The 2009 spring turkey season was the season where everything went right.


The Award II

The Michigan Wild Turkey Hunters Association (MWTHA) consists of chapters that are individual conservation organizations bound by a set of by-laws. They are free to deal with conservation issues, not having to get permission from a committee or a parent organization in some other state.

The following is an update of an article that appeared in the March 2007 issue of Michigan Turkey Tracks. It read:

I am going to take editorial privilege in writing the following article.