for many years out of the Cadillac District office. Back in the days of turkey hunting infancy it was required to bring a harvested turkey to a field office for biological information to be obtained. You could always count on Ruthann to be there collecting data, blood and organ samples, all of which were important to the recovery of Wild Turkeys to Michigan. She goes the extra distance during the winter months collecting turkey numbers throughout her 13 county district. For many years now she spends a portion of a winter day with us to compile our turkey numbers into hers. At a time when serious winter surveys have gone by the wayside, she continues her survey work which has revealed a significant drop in turkey numbers, which has resulted in a moratorium on a fall hunt. She also oversees a program that reimburses a landowner for planting several acres of corn as a food source for turkeys during the winter months. Over these many years we have found Ruthann to be very professional in all that she does for our Wild Turkey resource. She is well deserving of our sincere Thank You and acknowledging her contributions all in an unassuming manner.
Certificates of Appreciation for their continuing support were issued to Bob and Sheila Jacobson, who are leaders in Michigan Conservation Foundation. Their organization has been allied with MWTHA on many of the conservation issues that we deal with. At a time when ignorance, apathy and self interest has invaded our hunting, fishing and conservation of our natural resources, these two stand out as they fight to retain and enhance those resources that are so important to us. We have shared our resources regarding public forest management and our public waterways, just to name a few of the issues that we jointly deal with. Better friends of MWTHA could not be found.
The Michigan Conservation Foundation is an all volunteer, non profit organization that has fought many battles that affect not only our generation but future generations also. The list of their accomplishments is long, but a few are the long fight to retain public ownership on South Fox island, keeping the Big Wild in the Pigeon Liver Country State Forest, creating the wetlands along the expressway at Houghton Lake and protecting our unique trout streams, etc, etc, etc. Membership can be obtained by sending a token $10 to Michigan Conservation Foundation, 84-Mid Forest Lodge, Prudenville, Mi. 48651.
Tale of a short turkey hunt
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