2013 Fall Turkey Hunting Season

Because of the dramatic decrease in Wild Turkey numbers the entire northern lower peninsula has bee closed to fall hunting, except for fall area HA which includes Mecosta, Newaygo and Oceana counties. It drew our attention when Area J, which includes 5 counties in the very tip of the lower peninsula, was proposed for a fall season.

“The motto that we are managing our natural resources for future generations is hollow.”

According to the DNR “Licenses are developed to harvest the desired number of turkeys to meet the management goal. To help reach these goals hunters are encouraged to harvest female turkeys during the fall season.”

Citation for Professional Excellence

Citation for Professional Excellence


At the March 30 Wild Turkey Hunters Rendezvous retired U.S. Forest Service wildlife biologist Chris Schumaker was awarded a Citation For Professional Excellence along with a retirement gift.

Chris worked for a number of years on the Manistee National Forest. During his time on the forest many habitat projects were planned and completed. One of his ideas and projects was to create water holes on portions of the forest that had none. We had the opportunity to visit several and found the tracks of many wildlife species that were using them.

A Simple Request

A Simple Request

The Wild Turkey hunting license was established in 1977, restricted to be used for Scientific Research, Biological Work On Wild Turkeys and other Wild Turkey Management in this state. There was a promise made to those willing to purchase a license to hunt turkeys that the money raised would be used to manage Wild Turkeys over their entire range. The first requirement to manage any wildlife species is to provide their necessary living requirements (habitat).

Over the past 17 years we have a series of articles in this publication detailing the shortcomings of habitat requirements of most wildlife species on our public forests. Unfortunately the many forest management meetings we have held with both the DNR and current U.S. Forest Service has seen few positive results.

Turkey Tails: Did You Ever – What Turkey Hunting is About

Did you ever wonder what turkey hunting is about? There are four main parts to turkey hunting, Scouting, Decoying, Calling and Shooting.

Scouting: Before your season you need to get out in the woods to look and listen for birds, where they roost and come from, where they are going to feed. While this sounds easy, you need to do this for a couple of weeks to get their pattern, also d on’t use turkey calls as this may make them call shy.