MWTHA has a seat on the Northern Lower Peninsula Deer Advisory Team. We attended the meeting on 2/16/13 at Cadillac. We continue to be a voice for the deer hunter of public land, one who can not afford to purchase inflated land or afford a lease. Obviously it is not an even playing field.

On 3/4/13 representatives from our chapter held an 1-1/2 hour meeting at Baldwin with State Representative Jon Bumstead. A portion of his district includes Lake and Newaygo Counties. We discussed the pending bill that would increase the cost of hunting and fishing licenses. The increases themselves we leave to the legislature to decide. We are very much in opposition to the proposed allocation of the portion of the $18,000,000 that will be designated for wildlife habitat. $1.466,600 is proposed for wildlife habitat on the state game areas in southern Michigan, while $488,900 would be allocated to the entire northern lower peninsula, including the upper peninsula. Mr. Bumstead is the chair of the House Appropriations Committee of DNR appropriations. We were in con- tact with State Senator Darwin Booher on the same issue.

On 3/5/13 we had a final accounting of our winter survival program. In partnership with local residents we supported 2,774 Wild Turkeys. We purchased 12,900 pounds of shelled corn at a cost of $1,965.l On 3/6/13 we attended the release of 14 hens and 1 jake in Cherry Valley Twp., Lake County. The birds were trapped by the DNR and transported by them to the release site. Local news media were there to report on the release. The birds were trapped in southern Michigan. On 3/7/13 10 more turkeys were transferred from Barry County to Cherry Valley Twp.

On 2/12/13 we held a chapter meeting were the issues of concern to us were discussed. Final planning was completed for the Turkey Hunters Rendezvous and the pending Traverse City Expo. On 3/14/13 6 more trapped turkeys were released in Lake County. On 4/7/13 we held a turkey hunting and calling seminar at the Cart T Hunting Center at Cadillac. On 5/9/13 attended the Natural Resources Commission meeting at the DNR RAM Center at Higgins Lake. We will report on it in a later issue.

On 5/15 & 16/13 we presented our Wild Turkey program to 321 4th grade students from 4 Osceola County school districts at Rural Education Days. 20 programs were given. Hopefully we leave the students with a knowledge of and an appreciation of those amazing big black birds.

On 6/22/13 we represented our organization at the Michigan United Conservation Clubs convention at the RAM Center at Higgins Lake. On 8/2/13 attended the Deer Advisory Team meeting at Lewiston. We are still representing the public land hunter as well as the best interest of our deer.

I want to thank all of our members who assisted in making the March Wild Turkey Hunters Rendezvous another successful event. Another Thank You goes out to those of you who attended and helped make the Rendezvous a success.

Our event would not be possible without each and everyone of you, member or volunteer.

North-Central Chapter Fall 2013 Update
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