This is being written during the first week in February 2015. Winter has been relativity kind this year, as compared to the brutal winter of last year. Unfortunately snow has melted and formed ice on the ground that covers any remaining food available to our Wild Turkeys.

On January 12 we purchased 10,000 pounds of shelled corn and within three weeks we have distributed it to 2,132 Wild Turkeys in partnership with our local residents.

On 8/2/14 we attended the state chapter meeting at Clare. Various chapter activities were discussed as were various issues confronting our organization and the management of our natural resources. As we are all unpaid volunteer there was no discussion of the importance of dollars.

We have a thread to the Michigan Resource Stewards. We attended their meeting on 9/3/14. As it is an organization of retired DNR and DEQ professionals many important resource issues are discussed.

On 10/9/14 attended the Natural Resources Commission meeting at Cadillac, which is carried within this issue.

On 12/3/14 attended a Michigan Resource Stewards meeting at Clare. On 1/14/15 we held our chapter meeting at Baldwin. Planning for the upcoming Turkey Hunters Rendezvous was discussed as well as the three outdoor expos where we will be represented.

On 1/15, 16, 17/15 we attended our booth at the Bookings, Bullets & Bows Outdoor Expo at Cadillac. This gives us an opportunity to meet with fellow hunters and receive their input, sell raffle tickets and hopefully memberships, along with some great contacts. On 1/31/15 attended the Ruffed Grouse Society, Michigan State Workshop at the DNR RAM Center located at Higgins Lake, from an invitation from MWTHA member Carl Baumgras. I will save my observations for future issues of Turkey Tracks.

North-Central Chapter Spring 2015 Update
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