It was proposed that the fall turkey season be changed to start September 1 and ending December 31 each year, but to exclude the firearms deer season November 15 through November 30. UNBELIEVABLE!
During most years by September 1 there are many late hatched, half grown poults following the hen. If a hunter confronts such a flock is he going to shoot a 4 pound poult or the larger hen? Survival of the young in the very dangerous world that they live depends on learning survival skills from their mother. If the mother is killed what impact do you suppose that will have on the young? A month later they have grown almost the size of the hen and are much more adapt at surviving on their own.
Usually during December turkeys have gathered in large flocks at places where they can find a food source. So now they want to hunt them when they are in a stressed condition, behind someone’s back yard, in two feet of snow. We have a better idea. The current season runs for 5 weeks, which is more than ample time to hunt turkeys. In most cases, how about letting the DNR local biologist determine what the season should be using biological principles?
At a recent Michigan Resource Stewards meeting they were examining the MUCC resolutions to determine which they should support. It was asked for their support at convention to vote against this resolution. At the meeting was the MUCC District 10 director. His explanation was that “well the boys are busy hunting deer and may not have time to hunt turkeys.” During the fall season there are a lot of choices to be made. Does one hunt deer, turkeys, pheasants, grouse, woodcock, ducks or geese or to spend time fishing at one of the best times of the year? That this resolution went through the process without dissent is disturbing.
Fellow member Bill Shinn, representing MWTHA & I for the PM Chapter attended the two day convention. When the Fall Turkey Hunting resolution (#19) reached the floor we arose to speak against it. The resolution was withdrawn from the floor.
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