As I sit here daydreaming about this coming hunting seasons I find myself pondering the unanswerable questions of the word “WHY”. I know we all do it and it starts at a very young age. Those with young children and grandkids will know what I’m talking about. Why. Why. Why. Give them an answer and the next question is also why. I guess it’s understandable with young children since they are young and don’t have many life experiences but age and maturity do little to solve this affliction. As a papa with a 3-year-old granddaughter, I find it quite amusing answering her why questions (why does papa have a basketball in his tummy) yet also alarming is that I don’t have an answer that wouldn’t require another why question. Honestly is rarely the best answer when it comes to kids questions in my opinion. A funny and short comment followed by do you want some candy, ice cream or cookies seems to be the best way to change the subject. That may also answer her original question as to my basketball belly.

Hunting and fishing provokes many WHY questions I’ve often wondered about. Why is it that when deer hunting I see Squirrels on every tree but when I’m here for squirrel I only see deer and turkey. It’s like they know what I’m after. Why is that? Why is it that geese know exactly when to flare away just out of range or turkeys hang up just 10 yards short. Do they have some unknown anti- hunter gene? It happens too often to just be mere coincidence.

I’m certain there are many other why questions that need to be explored but none as important as those that involve women. I find it very frustrating trying to understand their many different moods and logic. Just when you think you have it figured out you’re in trouble. After carefully listening to them explain the error in your thinking you promise to get it correct next time. However, given the same set of circumstances and you doing exactly as instructed you get your chops busted a few days later. Why is that? Are there different rules on different days of the week? I just don’t understand.

Why is it OK for women to have dozens of shoes but cannot grasp the importance or need for men to have several different gauges of shotguns? Seem so logical to me but not her. Forgive me for rambling on but if you stop and think about it why could be the most important question ever asked in the history of mankind.

Without people questioning things, we could not have advanced as we have. So my final question today is why I let Jim Maturen talk me into writing down my thoughts.

Lord only knows. Until next time God’s Blessing to all.

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