North-Central Chapter Fall 2013 Update


We are pleased to inform everyone that we fed over 1,000 wild turkeys in twelve townships in four different counties this past winter. The winter started off slow but, with melting and refreezing we had here, it made an almost impenetrable ice crust.

The 2014 North Central Chapter of the MWTHA banquet will be held earlier this year on March 1, 2014, and will have a new feel. For those that have come to the banquet in the past, it will be similar.

Pere Marquette Chapter Fall 2013 Update

The following is some of the activities of the Pere Marquette Chapter. It may include activities of the state chapter as well.

We held a chapter meeting on February 12. A discussion was held on pending turkey hunting regulations. As we always do we had a discussion what we can do to insure the future of the Wild Turkey throughout northern Michigan among other issues. A state chapter meeting was held on February 17 at Clare. Pending issues and concerns of individual chapters was discussed and where needed consensus was reached.

An Interesting Bit of Reading

On June 21 of this year, the DNR released a rather interesting press release-at least, it caught my eye. Many of you may not have seen it because it received little, if any,

attention from what few outdoor publications we have left in Michigan, and none at all by the mainstream media of this fine state. No surprise, either.

But after reading it, I was actually relieved to know it wouldn’t receive any press – if you read it, you may have been, too. Here’s a link to the Press Release.

Turkey Versus Coyote

Turkey Versus Coyote

It was the second morning of Michigan’s second turkey season. The first morning was a foggy damp morning and I wasn’t getting any answers to my calling when three Jakes quietly came up on me unannounced. The lead bird looking around trying to determine where I was hidden offered a killing shot, but I gave him and his two friends a pass since they were small birds and I didn’t want to end my season so soon with a Jake.

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2013 Fall Turkey Hunting Season

Because of the dramatic decrease in Wild Turkey numbers the entire northern lower peninsula has bee closed to fall hunting, except for fall area HA which includes Mecosta, Newaygo and Oceana counties. It drew our attention when Area J, which includes 5 counties in the very tip of the lower peninsula, was proposed for a fall season.

“The motto that we are managing our natural resources for future generations is hollow.”

According to the DNR “Licenses are developed to harvest the desired number of turkeys to meet the management goal. To help reach these goals hunters are encouraged to harvest female turkeys during the fall season.”

Citation for Professional Excellence

Citation for Professional Excellence


At the March 30 Wild Turkey Hunters Rendezvous retired U.S. Forest Service wildlife biologist Chris Schumaker was awarded a Citation For Professional Excellence along with a retirement gift.

Chris worked for a number of years on the Manistee National Forest. During his time on the forest many habitat projects were planned and completed. One of his ideas and projects was to create water holes on portions of the forest that had none. We had the opportunity to visit several and found the tracks of many wildlife species that were using them.