A Nation of Sheep Revisited

A Nation of Sheep Revisited

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following article was written by John Gunnell of Rockford, following his article that appeared in the September 2014 issue of Michigan Turkey Tracks. We welcome articles regarding our members and non members alike. All articles will be published as written in a professional manner.

If you are often disappointed like I am by the homogenized storyline of many media people pertaining to outdoor matters, you may have interest in reading further. Outdoor writers seem fast disappearing that still exercise self-discernment by rendering their views much beyond the storyline they are fed.

Of Hares and Turkeys

The October 9, 2014 issue of Michigan Outdoor News reported on a study conducted by Michigan State University on the disappearing Snowshoe Hare population throughout northern Michigan. The Study costing $118,709 was commissioned by our Michigan DNR using Pittman-Robertson funds. They looked at 134 sites statewide and found that 49 percent of the historic lower peninsula sites and 27 percent of the upper Peninsula sites do not have hares anymore.

Reflections 2014 – Random Thoughts

Another fall…another hunting season…and again a moment of reflection as I sit in my stand waiting on a big buck to come my way. A chilly heavy fog this morning and the wet heavy leaves come down on me and blanket the ground below me. Sometimes they flutter and tumble straight down and sometimes one flies through the trees like a jet fighter. I find myself drawn to their final resting place.

September 2014 Update

Here’s hoping that you barbecued up a spring gobbler for your 4th of July celebration-some of us enjoyed success this spring, and some of us found far less gobbling, far fewer birds, and much tougher hunting in the aftermath of the record cold northern Michigan winter of 2013-2014.

Welcome to the Southwest Michigan Longbeards

Earlier this year we received an inquiry on our web site asking if there was a MWTHA chapter in the southwest corner of Michigan. We replied that one had not been established there yet. Several messages passed back and forth. Eventually telephone contact was made with Adam Stump of Stevensville who asked what was required to establish a chapter?