That’s almost as bad as trying to communicate with the anti-hunting crowd. Most of them are urbanites who have never been off the sidewalk. They are so far removed from the natural world it’s as if they were from another planet. 
We hunters wear camo clothes so we’ll blend in to the background, but it goes further than that: our mind and our very soul becomes a part of nature. It’s pointless to try and explain to the “antis” the respect and admiration we have for the animals we hunt. Their minds are closed as tight as the cap on a new bottle of ketchup! Their favorite ploy is to put us on the defensive, with such images as a dove that was shot, flopping on the ground. The fact that eighty percent of all doves die from weather, disease and predators, whether they are hunted or not, is lost on them.
The following quotation, from an unknown author, best explains how the natural world works: 
 “Man, in his ignorance, has always sought some Shangri-la where there is no pain and nothing ever dies. The Creator, in His wisdom, knew such a system would not last a week and produced, instead, a miracle called the food chain, in which life is given to sustain life and death is what makes the spark glow brightest!”
Hunters, whether they be two-legged, four-legged or winged, are vital to the success of the Creator’s miracle.
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