Couple an old fashioned winter with extremely high (the highest in history) shelled corn prices, and you see the need for an organization like ours to pull the birds through what looks like so far will be a hard winter. 
But we can’t do it alone, and we can’t do it without help. Yours, and every spring turkey hunter and wildlife lover you know of! Please, find those extra pennies for us-and we’ll make sure we all get to this year’s spring turkey season with plenty of gobbles in the woods to listen to! 
Plans are in the works for a variety of spring hunting workshops-our primary fundraisers for our feeding programs- and our regular annual visit to the Traverse City Outdoor Show and a couple of other outdoor events. 
With March right around the corner, everyone is reminded that it’s time to renew your state chapter membership for 2008. Please fill out the enclosed form and send it with your check or money order to that address, and your new membership card will be sent right out to you. Again, many thanks for your continued support of the wild turkeys of Michigan! 
Wishing everyone a good winter and a successful, safe and fulfilling turkey season! 
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