Another hunting season is about over, and after all these years I still get excited about being in the woods. Many ask me what my favorite hunting season is and after some thought, I still say the one that is open now. I just love to hunt. I love the fellowship and comradery, and I love the quietness of the woods. I also like to eat what I shoot. I’m also concerned about the future of our sport.

Hunting has changed over the past 50 years, and I’m sure it will continue to change. Some things for the better and I’m afraid to say some for the worse. Every year we read articles about the demise of hunting as the number of hunters decline or by the lack of hunting areas or even thru the efforts of the antis. No doubt all will have an impact on our sport in the future. The sad part about all of this is that many hunters are so unaware or don’t care about the issues facing our sport they don’t react until the issue affects them personally. A good example was the last license fee increase by the DNR. Many were shocked and outraged about it, and it was the hot topic on the chat rooms and forums and local sports shops. So many acted as this increase was out of the blue when it had been discussed for a year or so. How can so many be so blind to this and other issues facing our sport? This article is not meant to address the merits of the increase pro or con but just to emphasize the apathy of many when it comes to personal involvement. So many are quick to complain but fail to devote any time or money to their sport or organization. Excuses abound as to why they don’t get involved, and I’m sure some are justified. However, please consider joining a group or donating some time and money to help your sport. Stay informed on the issues of the day and write letters to your legislator’s when needed. Every little thing we do will help in some way. GET INVOLVED AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

The hunting community seems so fragmented that it rarely speaks with a unified voice. Think about it. Each group has an agenda that they feel will make our sport better. In some cases that may be true and in others maybe notYe so many times we forget we are all part of the hunting community. A little compromise by all parties can go a long way in unifying our ranks. In the long run that will bode well for all of us. Even though we may disagree on certain issues, at least you are involved and taking a stand on your beliefs and not standing around waiting for someone else to lead the way. My point is if you are a dedicated bow hunter, trapper or waterfowl hunter and you see that the rabbit hunters are facing an attempt by the anti’s to restrict using beagles, please join the fight and support your fellow hunters. Rabbit hunting may not be your thing, but hunting is. GET INVOLVED AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

I’ll do it for you. Can I count on you to do it for me? I sure hope so.

I’ve met many great people young and old at the MWTHA Rendezvous over the past few years, and many are showing an interest in getting involved and supporting the MWTHA. Maybe all they need is a little encouragement and help from a current member to welcome them in. I’m sure the same could be said of other hunting groups facing declining membership due to various reasons. So let’s make it a personal goal to get more involved and also introduce other hunters young and old to our hunting community. My friends and I here at the MWTHA are trying, and I wish you success at your club wherever that may be.

Have a safe and wonderful day in the field.

The Sound of Silence
Pere Marquette Chapter Update - Spring 2017