This is being written on February 3rd 2017. We made an initial purchase of 10,000 pounds of shelled corn. Distribution began on January 4th. In cooperation with local residents, over our 13 county area we are helping to support 2,434 Wild Turkeys. There will be more corn to purchase and more Wild Turkeys to find our support. We have exceeded our initial purchase and will settle our account at winter’s end.

The partnership with Kevin and Jerimy Draper, owners of Leroy Milling, makes our winter survival program possible.

On 6/7/16 – attended the Michigan Resource Stewards meeting at Clare. On 8/9/16 represented the Michigan Resource Stewards at a meeting held at Central Michigan University regarding an aging pipeline that carries millions of gallons of oil under the Straits of Mackinaw. It is owned by Enbridge Corporation who created the largest oil spill in the nation and over 800 spills nationwide.

On 8/8/16 – attended the state forest compartment reviews for Osceola, Wexford, Missaukee and Lake Counties. Long on forest management, very short on Wildlife management.

On 8/21/16 – attended the MWTHA state chapter meeting at Clare. Ten items were discussed, including housekeeping, conservation issues and the future of our organization.On 9/7/16 we purchased the Tracks magazine for the school year for 90 fifth grade students at the Pine River school located in Osceola County at a cost of $337.50.

On 9/13/16 – we purchased a year’s subscription for 130 5th grade students at the Reed City school in Osceola County at a cost of $487.50. I have given my Wild Turkey program to several thousand 4th and 5th grade students and have come to realize how far removed most are from nature, yet they are soon to be the custodians of our natural resources.

On 9/24/16 – attended the ongoing Wild Turkey Decision Making Workshop at Michigan State University in Lansing.

On 11/16/16 – attended the Michigan Resource Stewards meeting at Clare. On 12/10/16 attended the MUCC Conservation Policy Board meeting at Cadillac. Gave a short speech as carried in an article in this issue.

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