I hope everyone had a good turkey hunt this past spring, but I also hope you left a Gobbler for me to hunt next year.
The Kenowa chapter has been pretty quiet this past year due to my medical problems but we did manage to donate $200.00 to a local club scout troop so they could buy lumber and hardware to build portable tables for camp outings.
Looking forward to having a meeting on Sept. 19, 2007, at Wyoming Fire Station #2 located on Division Ave. one block south of 44th Street, meeting will start at 7:00PM. All members are invited, so please try to make the meeting.
For those who have drawn a fall turkey permit, good luck hunting and have a good time, lets all remember it’s all about the hunt and the outdoor experience, the kill is just an added plus. For those of us that don’t draw a fall permit we still have a lot of other fishing and hunting opportunities, so lets go out and enjoy our great outdoors. 
What are they thinking of?
Fall 2007 Turkey Hunting Seminar