At this point, we can only hope for the best, keep feeding where possible as long as winter demands and our chapter bank accounts can afford (not much longer for most of us), and continue our work as we always have.

Remember, anywhere in northern Michigan this spring that you see a wild turkey, you can thank all the wonderful members of the MWTHA as well as more than a few who take money out of their own grocery funds to help us ensure the survival of our wild turkeys for one more year.

You can look forward to seeing us not only at this spring’s outdoor shows in various locations all over the state, but also at the several spring turkey hunting workshops being planned.

These events, as well as all of our spring fund raising efforts, will be more important than ever this year now that the DNR has opened the entire state of Michigan to spring wild turkey hunting, despite the fact that many areas of Michigan are now devoid of the presence of wild turkeys (heck, many of the areas now open to wild turkey hunting never had any birds to begin with!) thanks to cold, snowy winters, the ban on feeding deer, and the increasingly difficult task of raising funds to feed these birds in Michigan’s poor economy.

Please remember to renew your membership, and take a few moments to encourage your turkey hunting friends and family to do so as well as those who just enjoy the magnificent site of the Eastern wild turkey in the forests of Michigan.

Hoping for an early spring…have a great season!

Tracks in the snow