Which means that, for the first time since the program began in the mid-1980’s, there has been no need to begin our annual winter supplemental feeding program for the wild turkeys of the area at all-in fact, most of us haven’t even seen any birds in months, as most are up in the hills feeding on what was a surprisingly good mast crop of beechnuts.


Although a round of bitter cold and snow arrived yesterday, it is not expected to last long, and we are hopeful that we’ll see an early spring as another benefit of the odd winter, and a great hatch of poults this spring! It sure has been nice to experience what other areas of the country see every winter!

The mild winter has also had another benefit-there’s been no drain on MWTHA chapter treasuries this winter for very, very expensive shelled corn, and we now all have a chance to recover at least some of the bank balances that have fallen dangerously close to zero as of the past few years.

Fund raising for next year is already underway for several chapters, including the Pere Marquette Chapter, which will host their 31st (look inside for details), and the Traverse Bay Chapter, which has revived their once very popular wildlife habitat tree and shrub packet sales (again, see inside for details). Please help us in supporting the wild turkey of northern Michigan, a task it seems we are responsible for alone.

More than ever, our work is very, very important in order to ensure the future of the wild turkey in Michigan. Please remember to renew your membership, and take a few moments to encourage your turkey hunting friends and family to do so as well as those who just enjoy the magnificent site of the Eastern wild turkey in the forests of Michigan.

Hoping for an early spring . . . Have a great season!


Traverse Bay Chapter Notes - March 2012