My first call was a Lynch box call. They definitely know how to make a call that produced a sweet “E-Yauk” sound that gets a gobble’s attention. This led some hunters to believe that if a little is good more will be better and they sat out in the woods “E-Yauking” their damn fool heads off!

My brother had been to Mississippi to hunt turkeys with a guide who swore by #2 shot (legal at that time)). He gave me a couple of rounds and that’s what I loaded into my pump gun and, believe it or not, I killed my first turkey with it!

It wasn’t long before I invested in a “real” turkey gun. A ten-gauge magnum single shot with a 36 –inch barrel that weighed about a hundred pounds! I’ve still got a groove in my shoulder from that weapon. One time in Alabama a gobbler stuck his head up over a ridge, ten yards away! I shot right over him and with an empty gun, watched him fly away! Right then I decided I needed more than one shot and secured a double-barrel, ten-gauge that must have weighed two-hundred pounds!

My introduction to diaphragm calls came from an audio tape produced by turkey hunting legend Ben Lee from Coffeyville, Alabama. I visited his shop one time just as he emerged from the back room. Big doesn’t seem adequate to describe Ben Lee. He was huge! Six foot five and way over 300 pounds. Did I meet him? Nope. He totally ignored me!

Our turkeys and turkey hunters are much more sophisticated these days, but you still see some bizarre behavior every now and then.


Northern Lower Michigan Peninsula Deer Advisory Team
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