While hunting in Alpena County in the 70’s I was next to the South Branch of Thunder Bay River. Waiting for daylight I heard a gobble off to the west, quite a way off. Then I started moving closer, while sneaking through the woods I spotted a S now Owl nesting in a hole in a tree. Skirting the owl I went along a ridge and behold there was the river. The gobbler was on the other side, setting up by a tree. I called and he answered. He would move up and down the river, but never across. While it w as pretty clear thru the trees I never saw the bird, and sometimes he sounded almost on top of me. Was there a gobbler or was I dreaming?

One time I hunted next to a wheat field with woods all around. My Decoy was 20 yards away. The first gobble was in front of me. The bird didn’t come out, then he gobbled on my right, then behind me. After awhile he was left of me gobbling about every 15 minutes, but never showing himself. Now was this a real gobbler or an illusion? Possibly, I’ll never know.

ON THE LIGHTER SIDE When you are hunting and don’t see any birds, here is a little “Ditty” you can sing to a tune borrowed from “Peter, Paul and Mary”.

Where have all the turkeys gone long time ago’ o the DNR don’t even know and do they really care. Someday we may know, maybe we’ll never know, with dollar signs aglow, they have bureaucracy you know.

What is the DNR trying to do? By letting the bears migrate to the Southern part of the state. You don’t have to be a biologist to have common sense. I’ve hunted over 60 years and know that the dominate animal pushes the younger ones out of their area. The DNR is directly responsible for bear sightings by not issuing more licenses in the Baldwin area, 50 permits for this size of an area, EXCUSE ME. They could have bear problems in the cities blame the DNR. They are responsible not the bears. Enjoy what little hunting there is.


Olden Days
Traverse Bay Chapter Notes - March 2012