A very sincere THANK YOU to our members who once again were responsible for another very successful Wild Turkey Hunters Rendezvous this past March. It take a cooperative effort by all involved. Another THANK YOU for those of you who attended and contributed to our organization.

The following appeared in in the March 2014 edition:

I am writing this during the first week in February. The wind chill is -12 degrees and expected to remain there all day and for the several days. It has been a brutal winter with record setting low temperatures and very deep snow. Unless a source of food is found many of our wildlife will not be here come spring. It is hard to believe that not one news media or any so called conservation organizations have expressed any concern?

This past winter we purchased 16,300 pounds of shelled corn. In partnership with our local residents we were able to help support 2,861 Wild Turkeys. Obviously we do not reach all of the turkeys scattered throughout our 13 county chapter area. Those that could not find a source of food were not present when spring came.

On 1/16/14 a $250 donation was made to the Outdoor Adventure Center located on the Detroit waterfront, upon request from the DNR. The future of hunting and fishing will depend on the support of the non hunting- fishing population. Many of our fellow citizens, especially those in the urban areas have no knowledge of the role that hunting fishing contributes to the conservation of our natural resources.

On 3/11/14 attended the Michigan Resource Stewards meeting. Held a chapter meeting on 3/12/14 where planning was completed for the Rendezvous. On 4/12/14 Bruce Cocklin and Jim Maturen held a spring turkey hunting seminar at the Carl T. Johnson Hunting and Fishing Center at Cadillac.

On 4/25/14 we made a $250 contribution to Citizens For Professional Wildlife Management in support of the petition drive for the Scientific Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act. (which at this time has been passed by the Michigan Senate).

On 5/14 & 15/14 presented our Wild Turkey program at the Osceola Rural Education Days. Over the two days 20 presentations were made to 370 4th grade students from 5 school districts.

On 5/17/14 attended the Northern Lower Peninsula Deer Advisory Team at Gaylord. Attended a Michigan Resource Stewards meeting at Clare on 6/4/14. On 6/21/14 represented MWTHA at the Michigan United Clubs (MUCC) convention at Higgins Lake. There was nothing on the agenda regarding Wild Turkeys. We are a member of MUCC and a member of their conservation coalition.

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