The following includes action taken by both the PM Chapter and MWTHA.

On 11/7/15 met with Rex Aisley, DNR Wildlife Division supervisor for the northern lower peninsula in Cadillac. The meeting was held in compliance with the timeline for submitting recommendations for the pending fall season. The recommendations that we made and the results are carried elsewhere in these issue.

On 1/19/16 held the PM Chapter meeting at Baldwin. Among the discussions were the pending Hunting Expos, the March Turkey Hunters Rendezvous and various conservation issues to be dealt with.

On 2/4/16 attended the Michigan Wild Turkey Structured Decision Masking Workshop at the Michigan State University in East Lansing with fellow MWTHA member Rick Riley. We gave a 40 minute presentation on the history and actions taken by our organization.

On 2/7/16 held the MWTHA State Chapter meeting at Jay’s Sporting Goods in Clare. Ten items of discussion here held, including pending regulations, pending activities, conservation issues, etc.

On 2/8/16 contacted the DNR Law Enforcement supervisor (Conservation Officers) for the 13 county Cadillac District which encompasses our chapter area. We made him an offer that our chapter would purchase a new robotic turkey decoy at a cot of $1,800 for use by his conservation officers. He advised that he would check and call us back in a couple of days. March 20 we had not received a phone call on our offer. We were attending our booth at the Traverse City Expo and had the opportunity to discus our offer to a DNR conservation officer, who thought a decoy would be very useful. He advised that he would check on it. As this is being written in August we are still waiting for a reply from the supervisor.

We represented MWTHA at our booth at the Cadillac Hunting EXP on January 15, 16 and 17, the Lansing Hunting Expo on February 19, 20 and 21 and the Traverse City Expo on March 16, 19 and 20. We attend these to represent MWTHA, sell raffle tickets, memberships, patches, hats and shirts and get a great deal of feedback from fellow hunters.

3/1/16 attended the Michigan Resource Stewards at Clare. On 1/16/16 held a Chapter meeting at Baldwin to finalize plans for the Rendezvous and discus various conservation issues.

On 4/1/16 conducted a turkey hunting seminar at a hunter education day at the Carl T. Johnson Hunting and Fishing Center at Cadillac. 35 youth and parents were in attendance.

On 5/2/16 we made a $250 donation to the Michigan United Conservation Summer Youth Camp, to help them purchase necessary supplies.

On 5/18 & 19/16 gave 16 presentations of our Wild Turkey program to 333 4th grade students from all four of Osceola County’s school districts at the Osceola County Rural Education Days. This is one of very few held in Michigan.

On March 26 we held the Wild Turkey Hunters Rendezvous for the 35th time. As usual it was a great success. Once again a VERY SINCERE THANK YOU goes out to our members and volunteers who made the event so successful and to those who made it possible to be present at the three hunting expos this year.

Jim Maturen Chapter President

Fall Season Turkey Regulations
North Central Chapter