I’d like to thank those people, and tell them that we will continue, even against the very high odds we face, to continue to do every thing we can to help them get our wild turkeys through this winter, and every winter to come.

And I think we need to thank someone else, the real leader of this organization, who for more than 30 years has fought for the future of the wild turkey in Michigan, often alone, and often when it seemed everyone else was against him — Jim Maturen.

Jim is truly a conservation hero in my book, and someone I have always looked up to. It is an honor to know and work with you, Jim. It always will be.

Thanks to Jim and his hardworking volunteers, we had a presence last spring at many of Michigan’s outdoor shows, and the Wild Turkey Rendezvous was once again a very successful event.

Thanks to those efforts, and those of our other chapters, we’re still in business, and gearing up for another winter here in northern Michigan.

In this issue, you’ll find an interesting bit of reading I put together the other night, news of all of our chapters, news of an upcoming fall turkey season in Area J, and news of the ongoing adventures of our beloved Michigan DNR.

Don’t miss reading these items! There’s one more person I’d like to thank, and that’s YOU, the supporter of MWTHA. We couldn’t do it without you.


Traverse Bay Notes Fall 2013