Hello to all and Happy New Year! As the current president of the MWTHA State Chapter, I will try and send out a newsletter of sorts from time to time when I think there are issues to be addressed, updated, or when the membership would like clarification on something.

  1. Every time anyone joins or renews their membership, it has been customary to include the chapter they would like to be affiliated with on the membership form. Well, since the Pere Marquette Chapter closed down recently, the North-Central Chapter based in Clare, Michigan is currently the only active chapter that submits information on officers, banquet, and taxes. The president of this chapter is Brad Davis who does an outstanding job. If you are wondering what happened to your local chapter, I can’t tell you. But if there is even a little interest in re-starting your chapter or starting a new one, I will help as much as I can.
  2. What this means to you according to the current State Chapter By-Laws, and item, issue, or election up for a vote is performed by the current State Chapter officer, State Chapter Directors, and current active chapter presidents. Well, there are no current State Chapter Directors and haven’t been for some time as there weren’t enough active members to fill this position. There is only one active chapter president, North-Central Chapter’s Mr. Brad Davis. If there are other active MWTHA chapter presidents out there, please let us know.
  3. There will be a State Chapter meeting at Jay’s in Clare, MI at 12:00 PM on Sunday, February 3, 2019, in the Outback Room. To discuss and vote on primarily raising the dues to $15 per year to cover rising printing, postage, and patch costs, amending the State Chapter By-Laws to bring them up to date, whether we need State Chapter Directors or not, and discuss the website. Of course, all are welcome.
  4. Corn! The whole purpose of the MWTHA is to feed the wild turkeys through Michigan winters and promote conservation efforts. The corn used to be distributed by your local chapter. The only active chapter currently still distributing corn (as far as we know) is the North-Central Chapter to its members.
  5. At this point, I’m going to put in a plug for the North-Central Chapter’s upcoming annual banquet on March 2, 2019, at the Church of the Nazarene in Clare. The banquet is their only fundraiser to purchase corn. Please come, buy a 26 gun raffle ticket, or simply make a donation.
  6. Corn feeders and the no-bating ban in 2019! Per Conservation Officer Steve Lockwood of the DNR, the current turkey feeder that has been distributed by MWTHA in the past is acceptable. Putting 2″ to 4″ screening around the “dish” area would be even better. Other officers in other areas may have other views, but as I understand it, Officer Lockwood checked with his superiors, and we should be good to go.
State Chapter Newsletter - March 2019