Enough corn is being distributed to allow those participating in the program to feed one eighth of a pound per day per bird for two weeks. After that time, the program, and the funds available to buy shelled corn, will be re-evaluated. Many private property owners are feeding on their own, and we owe those people a great debt, particularly in light of the fact that with the strange spring of a year ago and last summer’s drought, there was little to no hard mast crops of acorns or beechnuts, most corn crops were cut early to provide silage to cattle, and an excellent hatch of poults last spring means large numbers of birds in many areas.

Unfortunately, without intervention, with continued cold and deep snow it is becoming apparent that many wild turkeys in remote areas of Area J will die.

We are all hoping for a very early spring.

For the third year, we’ll be continuing our MDOT Adopt A Highway trash pick-ups of a two mile stretch of northern Michigan wild turkey country on M-66 in Antrim County. Our spring, 2013 pick up is set for Saturday, April 13 at 10 a.m. Great exposure for us turkey hunters as a great cause. If you are interested in helping out for just and hour or so, please contact Linda Gallagher.

We will keep everyone posted on our Traverse Bay Chapter Facebook page, as well as here on the MWTHA website.

Anyone with questions about our programs or any upcoming events is encouraged to contact one of the following members of the Traverse Bay Chapter of MWTHA: Rick Riley or Linda Gallagher.

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March 2013 Update