For QUALITY DEER HUNTING the DNR should go back too only 1 buck per licenses. The Combo License should be 1 buck and 1 doe. Then we could have quality hunting. The Trophy Folks could hunt for theirs, while the Food hunter could harvest a doe. Then we would be saving some bucks for others, and also breeding purposes while managing the deer for quality. The deer hunting would improve, giving more hunters the opportunity to see or shoot a nice buck, keeping more people interested in hunting.

THE GOBBLER and NORTH CENTRAL RAILROAD. Back in the mid 1970’s, turkeys were not as plentiful as they are now, thus it was more hunting and less shooting. While out hunting next to a railroad, we set up our homemade decoys as the State wasn’t plentiful with call manufacturers and decoys back then. After calling a few times, we heard a gobble off a ways, we called and he gobbled. This went on for awhile, then he started moving our way. When he got to where we could see him, thinking he is almost close enough to shoot “What Happens”? We hear a train and the bird is gobbling, we are waiting for him to come closer for a 30 yard shot across the tracks, but the train arrives. When the train has gone, we look for the bird. We call, no answer, where did he go? Did the train hit him. Walking the tracks? We don’t find any feathers, he just disappeared. That must be why he came to the railroad, to catch a ride on the North Central.

“Different Strokes for Different Birds.”

A tribute to Glen