(Yelp Yelp), hearing a vehicle stop, they go the other way without a gobble. Perhaps they have hens with them and won’t leave until they go to their nests. They could be over hunted in that area (too many hunters). This is a prime reason to keep the three choice hunting periods. When a private land owner’s choice season is over, they are more apt to allow you to hunt their land.


If you don’t own land, you have a better opportunity to get permission to hunt theirs. When you go scouting leave your calls at home. The gobbler heard you and knows where you are. Be patient. Some folks like to get up and move all over the place calling to hear a tom gobble, spooking more birds than they know. When turkeys don’t talk, it’s a challenge we need to adapt to the turkeys.

The best thing of having 3 season choices is we don’t need a special youth hunt, we already have one. The youth can apply for 1 season and the Mentor or Sponsor a different season. This way the Adult can still do his own hunt, possibly taking another youth hunting.

Hunting turkeys is an art, going out in the wild for days at a time, not an hour after work, or before a golf game or whatever.

Back in the 70’s we had to hunt turkeys. This was before all of the Clubs and Call Manufactures got in the business along with Camo Clothes, etc. Now a days any hunter can use a turkey, goose or duck call for beginners to get an edge, ensuring a large bag.

On one of my hunts years ago, breaking daylight I owl hooted, over a ridge a tom gobbled. I yelped and he didn’t come in so I eased up on the ridge. He was a ridge over and came down in the valley, but wouldn’t come any closer. Then he went back over that ridge, so here I go again crawling up that ridge down in the valley I see the tom. While trying to crawl closer, he sees me and moves out to a trail. Trying to cut him off I run down to the edge of my ridge to get ahead of him, but when I get to the trail, he is going around another bend in the trail, so I let him go. Before the end of my week I got a turkey (that’s Turkey Hunting). Since that time I’ve learned a lot more about Turkey Hunting.

Get out in the woods, take a youth along on one of the 3 hunt periods. Good luck, Good Hunting and God Bless.

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