Where do they get off passing bills and making Laws to force D.N.R. to sell land that belongs to the people of this State? For what another Golf Course, that we are overrun with in Michigan already? Rep. Sheltrown states he’s not Anti Hunting, what he doesn’t say is he’s very open to large Campaign Donations etc. We don’t need elected people in Lansing looking out for Special Interest people and taking from the Taxpayers, Hunters and Fishermen. If this passes the Senate what else might they think is their Duty. Nothing is safe with people like Rep. Sheltrown.

Now the rest of the story. How was your Turkey Hunt? My hunt was great if you want solitude and quiet. The turkeys didn’t talk on my Hunt, which was the 2nd one. There were only two gobblers the 1st morning and I blew that shot. Then on the 3rd day I had 3 Jakes with about 1 1/2 inch beards that I let go, looking for the long beard that got away. When they aren’t talking, it can be a boring hunt, but I still enjoyed the hunt. Getting out in the wild and hunting is what it’s all about. Getting a Bird is secondary. We can always prepare for the next hunt.

Good Luck and enjoy the outdoors.

The future of hunting stopped by to say hello
Pere Marquette Chapter - Fall 2009 Update