The weekend before my season I went to a turkey shoot. My shotgun was all sighted in for low brass 2 3/4 inch #8′ shot at 30 yards. Dead on I won a couple of lines. I’m ready to go hunting. Monday I’m out in the woods. I call and hear a gobble. It’s coming my way. The bird is 15 to 18 yards, I aim at his head, “Bang”, no bird it runs away. Dumfounded I can’t believe it. After a few hours it dawns on me that I’m shooting High Brass 3” magnum #5’s and at close range I shot over his head. Then I realize I didn’t resight my shotgun for turkey ammo.


When I get back home I shot a target at 25 yards. My pattern was 3” high. Then I resighted my gun. Tuesday I go out and the same bird comes in but at 50 yards away. He just circled around and then left. Wednesday is a long day, 3 Jakes come by in the morning then again about 3:00 not close enough, so I try to sneak up on them but I get busted. While going back to my pine tree I spook a gobbler east of where I sat. Then sitting down till about 5:00 I decide to leave so I called & hear a gobble behind me. Perhaps this is the bird I spooked so I sit back down and about 15 minutes later I see him coming along feeding on bugs in the grass. When he is within 25 yards I have my gun on him but he won’t raise his head when I “Putt”. What to do watching him every time he gets a bug he stretches his head out in front of him? Next time he does this “Bang”, nice head shot. He doesn’t even move. This is a nice bird 24 1/2 lbs., 1 1/4 spurs and 9 1/2 inch beard, at 5:20 in the evening.


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