Although some chapters do have corn available for distribution, to my knowledge it’s only in a handful of areas-not even the barn in Gaylord, the heart of Michigan’s snow country, has had to open as yet.
But as we all know, that could change tomorrow. So, to make sure we get to that spring turkey season and through another winter next year, plans are in the works for a variety of spring hunting workshops-our primary fundraisers for our feeding programs and our regular annual visit to the Traverse City Outdoor Show and a couple of other outdoor events.
With March right around the corner, everyone is reminded that it’s time to renew your membership for 2007. Please fill out the enclosed form and send it with your check or money order to that address, and your new membership card will be sent right to you. Again, many thanks for your continued support of the wild turkeys of Michigan!
Both the state and local chapters have a variety of habitat projects on public land planned for this spring, sponsorship programs, as well as our regular contributions to those fighting to preserve our hunting heritage.
Our website should be updated soon, you can check out all of our news and information at; http// And don’t forget your local chapter meetings, held monthly in most areas during the winter and spring months.
On a down note, we lost, dismally, on Proposal 3 last November, and now the anti-hunters are after the trappers, who do so much to manage our predator populations. Please support those, like the Michigan Trappers Association, who are fighting to preserve the heritage of trapping. If we ignore it, it will all be gone, that’s a lesson we all should have learned last fall. Take a moment to write, call, or e-mail your senators with your opinion on this very important issue.
Wishing everyone a good winter and a successful, safe and fulfilling turkey season.
Pere Marquette Chapter - Spring 2007 Update